Michaelskirche is not remarkable on the outside; it has no towers like Frauenkirche but the inside, oh the inside.  The claim to fame for this Jesuit church is the barrel-vaulted ceiling, the second largest one of its kind.

Yeah, so what? Well, this one had no supporting columns; it is a master of architecture.  The only larger column-less barrel-vaulted ceiling is the one and only St. Peters in Rome.

If you are not a fan of architecture, this little tidbit may give you a thrill. Guess who is buried down in the crypt?  The one and only King Ludwig II, the king that built Neuschwanstein.  There are a few other Wittelsbach’s are down there with him.

The whacky little brother of Ludwig II, King Otto, is there too.  The other bigwigs are William V and Max I.  The stepson of Napoleon is stuck down there with the Wittelbachs.  Eugene is the son of Josephine. The little french guy got down there by marriage.

For me, Luds was the reason to visit the church.  He is my favorite German ruler.

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