Neuschwanstein Castle – King Ludwig II

Then there is Luds; the people called him “Mad King Ludwig” and the “Fairytale King.”  The Germans back then were not all that nice.  There were a lot of questions about his life. Was he murdered or committed suicide? (I vote murdered) What was it with his obsession of medieval fantasy and fairytales? (genetic?).  What exactly was his relationship with Wagner? (Love triste?) Where did he come up with the ideas for these castles?  (aliens, drugs or genius?) and was he insane or just a really really odd duck?  I vote for duck.  He really was a rather nice man, a bit odd but nice.  He has strange hair; it was a bit out of control. He looked a bit like Kramer from Seinfeld but he was a snack cake for the ladies eyes.  Too bad he did not like them back.  It seems the Wittelsbach clan brought in some hot ladies a generation or two earlier to improve the looks of their family members.  Let’s just say woof woof, and Luds looked more like his hot momma.

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Ludwig II and Otto and young boys. Luds had legs that went on for days and days.

 Ludwig and Otto’s parents hated each other and were not interested in the spawn or each other.  King Max got his wife wasted a few times and convinced her to have some adult fun with him.   He was a bit of a pig; Beer goggles do wonders.  She wised up after the second kid and quit drinking. 

Luds was a lonely boy that only had his imagination, along with a pony for entertainment. He spent a lot of his time at the local library; his first library card is on display at The Neuschwanstein Castle gatehouse, right up there at the ticket booth.  His brother was a pain in the butt and never wanted to play anything but Dungeons and Dragons. 

Ludwig was engaged to his cousin Sophie; she was a pretty girl.  Together they really would have improved the looks of the Wittelsbach clan. Instead, he postponed the marriage several times then broke off the engagement and broke her heart.  I am certain she was snapped up by some other King somewhere; they are always on the lookout for a young hottie for their kids to marry.  Sadly sweet Sophie was killed in a fire.

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Young Ludwig II and Sweet Sophie

 When he was 18, his dad died of a short and unexpected illness; no one is really talking about it, so it must have been really gross or naughty, poor guy.  Rumor has it that it was a bowel obstruction. Luds was in shock and he had no clue how to run a kingdom; dad never talked to him about love or how to manage a kingdom.  He was royally screwed. During his first two years as the boss, Bavaria went from an independent nation to an annex of Prussia.  Well poo, thanks dad for teaching him the ways of being a King.  The people liked him anyway as he was generous to them.  See, Luds was a good guy overall, odd but a good guy and loved.

One of his first actions as the King was to invite Wagner to the castle for tea.  Stars flew out of their eyes and they became besties in no time.  Ludwig built concert halls and had festivals to honor Wagner’s music.  Of course, Wagner egged him on as it made him quite rich. It was quite the party scene for a while until Luds felt rejected by life and all the men of the city.  After a while, he became a sort of vampire, sleeping in the day and creeping around at night.  Then, he got weirder and built a cave in the castle.

He got more obsessed with his projects and only focused on building his fantasy castles. He wasted a lot of time and cash on these castles and asked foreign governments to help fund them.  He was a spend-a-holic.  The only way the government could get rid of Mr. “I have a nickel in my pocket, let’s spend a dime” was to get together and declare him insane.  The man had a low credit score and the government people were mad.  The little people loved him but the government was a bunch of jerks.

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