Munich – King Maximillian II

Daddy Maximillian II married mommy Marie of Prussia.  Max was a popular guy because he was into politics and the people. Let’s just say he had a great personality and leave it at that.  Max restored the stability of the kingdom and brought in the cash.  He then built Hohenschwangau castle which is near Fussen, Germany.  It is a lovely location with lakes, hills, horses, and cows.  The train stops there.

Max was not a big fan of the spawn; he really had no interest in hanging out with them and teaching them how to play baseball. Furthermore, he was quite disappointed in Ludwig II as it was pretty obvious that he would never get a grandchild out of that boy, not that he would have paid attention to the kid anyway. Basically, he was a big old jerk to his family but nice to the little people. No wonder his kids ended up in therapy.

Like his dad, Ludwig I, Max was into the arts and the fairytales of Hans Christian Anderson. What is it with these Bavarian rulers and their fantasy worlds? I have seen Munich twice now, and it is cool enough to not have to live in a fantasy world. Max died during a brief illness, sepsis from obstructed bowels.  He was full of shit, I heard.  Max’s death propelled young Ludwig II into the role of king, one he was not ready for.

Max was buried in Theatinerkirche church in Munich. The church was built in the 1600s because Henriette Adelaide of Savoy were so thrilled she finally had a kid and did not have to sleep with Elector Ferdinand Maria for a while. Well, that was until another son was required. What a better way to thank God for sparing you a few more nights of “passion” than build him a church? It is a lovely yellow church right by the place the Nazi’s hung out. 

The Mad King’s Ludwig II’s Dad.
The Mad King Ludwig II’s mom, Maria of Prussia

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