Munich – Ludwig II, the Mad King…how I love you the most

I am only going to give you a brief overview of Luds for now. His big thing was Neuswchanstein Castle so I will go into deeper detail about his life there. He was a fascinating dude; I bought the book and read it in one night. I would totally have had him over for dinner.

Ludwig II was probably the most famous Bavarian King. His dad pretty much controlled his life and stressed him to the point he got weird.  But, on the other hand, Luds was very creative, and daddy was just not having any of that.

He was a big introvert and not close to either parent; he preferred the cats in the barn.  It was the only pussy he liked.  The king had no idea what to say to his son Ludwig, so he never bothered to try.  Luds II would refer to his mom as “my predecessors’ consort”.  They were a slightly dysfunctional family. 

Luds has no desire to produce an heir; he wanted Otto to do that kingly duty.  His personal letters indicated he was gay but fought it due to his strong Catholic beliefs.  Being sexually frustrated, he went a little crazy and spent a ton of money on his castles. The poor deserved to be happy, too; it was a shame he never was allowed to be himself.

He financially ruined Bavaria and the other powers that be decided to get rid of him.  No one really knows the truth, but he was found dead with his shrink, and Otto was proclaimed king.

Despite out of control hair, Luds was not a bad looking guy.


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