Neuschwanstein Castle – Luds, Otto and Wagner

Who are the key players in this castle?  King Ludwig II, Wilhelm Richard Wagner and brother Otto.

Let’s start with the outsider, Wagner.  He was a German composer, theatre director and conductor who was super into operas. He was a Nazi and one of Hitler’s favorite composers.  He was married, but rumor has it he had a relationship with singer Carrie Pringle, heir to the Pringles potato chip dynasty.  He knew Luds was in love with him based on the personal letters they exchanged. At one point, Luds was going to abdicate the throne to move in with Wagner and be the Brokeback Mountain Cowboys.  Since Wagner was using Luds financially to support himself and into ladies only, he convinced him to stay King.  So, the guy basically was a user.  He ended up being a politician in his second life in the United States.

Ludwig and Wagner, he could do better

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