Eating in Egypt

After the pyramids of Dashur, we went to a local restaurant for lunch. I had no idea what to expect, but I have to say, the food was delicious.

We ate at an outdoor restaurant; as we entered, to the left, was a woman baking fresh flatbread in the wood-burning oven. She offered us a piece. It was so delicious, I knew that if I hated the rest of the cuisine, I could survive on this alone and be happy.

Hassan ordered us a variety of different dishes to try. First, we had 3 different dipping sauces for yet more of that yummy bread. One he called “old, spiced cheese,” tahini, and eggplant. They are all good, but my favorite was the tahini. Next, he ordered us a few side dishes and chicken no bones along with a beef stick. Ok, there is a major joke about the chicken I will tell you later.

Dipping sauces and veggies 4/2021

The meal was pretty much family-style for the side dishes and dips; we got our own plate of rice and meats. We ate this almost every day with a variety of sides. The chicken was boneless sometimes and grilled with bones other times. The meat was like a hamburger roll with spices in it for flavor. It was quite good.

So delicious 4/2021

Egypt has pastries to die for. There were pastries of every flavor and size you could ever want, sweet to savory. I did not gain weight on this trip only because we walked so much. Now for the weird food, falafel, and French fries. I admit to eating fries for breakfast, but it was weird.

Breakfast in Egypt 4/2021

I know you are all wondering about the dark side of eating in a country other than your own. The Trotsky’s, Montezuma’s revenge, shits and giggles, painting the toilet….diarrhea. Yes, we do need to talk about this fun travel event. When you are in a country with a suspect water system compared to your own country, just do yourself a favor and only drink bottled water. Be careful when you eat street food, and always, ALWAYS carry Pepto in your pocket.

French toast, pastries and fried for breakfast 4/2021

The one thing I really appreciated about Hassan is he understood the American bowel system. He made sure we went to restaurants that would cook food that could not give us issues and only let us drink bottled water. He watched out for us the best he could. I am not going to say nothing happened on our trip, it did, but thanks to a pocket full of Pepto, the day was saved.


Ok, now for the chicken no bone story. While I was there, I was told a story about a visitor who was shocked at how many bones the Egyptian chickens had compared to American chickens. Ours were mutants, freaks of nature with no bones. Seriously, this person thought our chickens had fewer bones in their bodies. We laughed quite a bit about that one as it is just crazy. A chicken is a chicken, all the same inside. The difference was our chickens are much meatier due to how they are raised. The Egyptian chickens are cut up differently, so bones showed up where you would not expect them due to the butchering process. I found it funny. They tasted like chicken.

Another thing that surprised me about Egypt was how small my appetite was. I ate a good breakfast and was not hungry for lunch until about 3pm. We never ate dinner and never wanted to. It could have been the heat, or I was too interested in the trip to stop and eat.

Who knows, really.

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