Bavaria’s Wittelsbach royal family ruled Bavaria from 1180 to 1918.  The Residenz was their home until WWI.  This is said to be Munich’s top attraction; personally, I think the beer gardens are better.  You get to poke around the amazing treasures of the Wittelsbach family and make googly eyes at their over-the-top lavish lifestyle.  The residence is the main residence for the royal family and the seat of government for the rulers.  You get to see all the interior styles from Renaissance, Baroque, Rococo, Neoclassicist, and Historicist.  Oh Goody.

There are 3 museums in there, Treasury, Cuvillies theatre and Residenz.    The treasury is all the cool family jewels (no, not those family jewels you perves).  You can see fancy stones, gold, and crystal owned by the rich people who lived off the peasant farmers’ backs and told them what to do.  The theatre is old and pretty.  Lots of wood and fancy shit. The residence is, well, a residence of the Wittelsbach’s.  Their private rooms are on display. You get to see where the magic happened.

Basically, it is the royal home of rich people turned museum.  Go see how the other half lived back then.

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