In 1662 The Elector Ferdinand and his wife Henriette Adelaide of Savoy ordered the church and monastery to be built to celebrate their child, Prince Max Emanuel.  Apparently, it took a long time for them to have this child, so they were a little over the top excited.  Normal people throw a party and have cake, not these people; they built a church to thank God for the kid. Some people just have too much money.

This church is Italian in design and model after Rome’s Sant’ Andrea della Valle.  The architect was Italian hence the Italian design.  The color yellow was used to give the church a Mediterranean feel. This church influenced many southern German Baroque-style churches.  Personally, I think there was a sale on yellow paint.

The Wittelsbach family apparently were very busy little bunnies and had a large family. They are buried in all the churches, and this one is no exception.  King Maximilian II and his wife are in a chapel.  The spoiled prince that the church was built for is buried there as well as his parents.  A bunch of other Bavarian rulers and their families are there.  All the common people, who were not allowed to have the good beer, are tossed in the ground outside of town.  Rich rulers are so snotty sometimes.

The Otto that was sent to rule Greece, then exiled because his wife was a judgy bitch at the greek religion, well, he is there. I never found out where he sent his wife to spend eternity. He was pretty pissed at her for getting him tossed out of the fabulous Greek islands.  He loved Greece, and it broke his heart to be exiled by the people. He spent the rest of his life in Bavaria dressed in Greek military clothes.  Rumor has it he never took that uniform off and smelled bad.  You have to feel sorry for the guy; he really was only happy in Greece.