Neuschwanstein Castle – Final thoughts

So that is the history of Neuschwanstein.  I did go visit the castle twice, once five years ago and this year.  Five years ago, we were stupid and did not get tickets in advance, don’t be stupid; book in advance.  I also decided to head into Fussen to have lunch to AVOID THE CROWDS ON THE BUS.  What I did was miss the bus and have to take a taxi to the village.  Ah, the days of being a newbie traveler.  I grew a brain this year and booked well in advance and got tickets that included the bus up to the castle village.  Both times I took the carriages up to the castle from the village.  I love the German draft horses.  This time was uneventful; last time, the driver was in a bad mood and ran into a poor little Japanese man knocking him over. 

We got in the line to go through the castle.  I felt like I was in a herd of cattle with headphones on; they shuffle you along in a line.  It was rather unpleasant for me.  I did not see anything spectacular in the castle; it was your typical rich guy castle.  Fancy furniture and rooms, not my taste but Luds liked it.  Then we hit the grotto…oh, a cave in the house.  Now I was over the top happy.  It was actually like being in a cave and I loved that.  He had a little patio he sat on at the edge of his cave and gazed down the valley;well he would have had that if those pricks had no offed him for being a spendaholic. 

I would have totally had my morning coffee there all the time, and the best part…no bats.  So, you are rushed thought he castle and tossed back onto the streets.  The other cool part is the bridge that you can walk on and get a nice view of the valley and caste.  We watched the screen above the bridge recalculate the weight of the people and the actually weight the bridge could handle.  It was scary close all the time and no one managed it.  I made sure I was standing over a beam so if that sucker broke, I had a chance of having something to hold onto and live. Last time I went in early May and was caught in a quick snow squall, it was fantastic.  Next time I go in the fall to see the colors and avoid the hot weather and crowed summer season.

The second visit was better than the first because I studied the castles and the history.  I came to really like Luds II character; he was a pretty cool dude.  It was hard not to feel bad for him as he got ripped off in the parent department and life in general.  The poor guy just wanted to be a knight, read poetry, have a boyfriend and listen to opera.  He will never be forgotten as he gave us this magical palace and is loved by all the people.

German draft horses, aren’t they lovely?
Village by the castle
Lake near the Bavarian Museum

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