The Adventures of a Middle-Aged Chubby Chick

If you are here to read a fine piece of literature, you will be very disappointed. I am just your average middle-aged chubby chick with a story to tell. But, if you love to travel and reading about super interesting places with a smattering of bullshit thrown in, then this is the place for you.

Not only do I write this blog, I but have several travel books in various stages of writing. I am about to put my first book on Amazon, “The Adventures of a Middle-Aged Chubby Chick: Europe here I come, God help you”. It basically is about a first-time traveler that is culture-shocked on her first trip abroad. I went with the vainest pain in the ass, and I was expected to do everything. I made many mistakes along the way, told off a train conductor, lost my friend in Paris and visited the city of my dreams, Venice.

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