Neuschwanstein Castle – Little brother Prince Otto

Otto of Bavaria – The whacky baby brother of Ludwig.  After the Franco-Prussian war, he really went full mental and suffered from PTSD.  He was under the care of Dr. Gudden, who labeled the boys as having no cheese on their crackers.  He was a politically ambitious prick and was not to be trusted. He wanted to get rid of the boys and become the big man of Munich. But, unfortunately, it didn’t work out for him.

Otto was hidden away until he showed up at Frauenkirche church and made a big scene one day.  He stamped his foot so hard that it left an impression in the stone.  The church labeled it the Devil’s footprint to hide that it was Otto’s foot and he was very strong. After that, he went downhill pretty fast.  Finally, he was tucked away in a tower. Otto was to be the one to provide an heir since his big brother refused the job.  No woman wanted Otto as how much fun would it be to get laid by a crazy man?  Well…. never mind.

Upon Ludwig’s death, Otto became king, but no one told him.  He was living in the tower at the time, stuck up there with nothing but a pen and few pieces of paper for entertainment.  He wrote scathing notes and fashioned them into a paper airplane, then tossed them out the window.  The royal museum has an entire room full of these notes and drawing he made of his shoes. 

His cousin had to take over because Otto was true loony tunes at that time.  The cousin changed his name to King Ludwig III to confuse the commoners that could not keep up with this family’s shenanigans.  Poor Otto dies of a bowl obstruction at age 68.  He ate paper.  He is at Michaelskirche in Munich in a metal coffin, not very majestic really, just kind of tossed down there on the floor.

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