Mariensaule Tower

Mary is the Patron Saint of Bavaria; you might as well choose the top gal saint if you are going to have one. Mundita was probably a bit offended she was not chosen; instead, she sits in a glass box with Elmo’s head on top of her but that is a story for later.  They chose Mary.

During the 30 Years War, the Swedish occupation was hard on the Germans.  All those hot blonds named Sven running around was hard to deal with for the men.  The ladies loved it. Have you seen how hot the Swedes are?  So, after 30 years the war between the Catholics and Protestants ended, and the Hottie McHott’s went home, the ladies were available again.  All was right with the Munich world.

Maximilian was so happy when they left that he built a column in the middle of the square as a thank you to Mary and the Swedes.  Being the king of repurposing and a bit of a cheapie, he took the Mary from Frauenkirch and tossed her up on the tower.  She is gold and has her very own crescent moon hat to signify she is the queen of the heavens.  Max put a statue of his spawn in her place in Frauenkirche just for funzies.  It’s good to be king.

The pedestal at the base of the column has statues on each corner that represent the four situations the city overcame in their history.  War, pestilence, hunger, and heresy. Each corner of the base has a putto.  Yeah, I had to look that one up. It is a figure that represents something deep and meaningful. 

The symbols are a lion that symbolizes the city overcoming war. That was for good old Henry.  

A cockatrice represents the city pestilence.  A cockatrice is a mythical creature, a dragon with a chicken head.  Sounds sexy.  I bet it eats bugs since it has a chicken head.

The dragon overcoming hunger.  I am not sure how a dragon and hunger go together unless the dragon chased off all the rabbits and gophers away from the Monks gardens.

The serpent was for heresy. I do kind of get the snake and heresy part.  Adam, Eve, snake, apple….enough said. 

War. Pestilence.  Hunger and Heresy.  The swedes must have been hard to live with.

King Max’s thank you to Mary for being a great saint
Mary, tossed outside by the King and stuck on top of a stone stick
Cherubs back in the day were bad ass mofo’s

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