Here we go….

I think I shall start with the trip I took over the summer. I decided to see Central Europe as I have always wanted to see Prague. I took the opportunity to visit my friend Andrea in Switzerland. It was amazing as always. Then, of course we visited the Krambly cookie factory…a Chubby Chick fantasy store. Samples everywhere.

We decided to see Krakow, Munich, Budapest and Prague with my group of ten. The history starting in Germany is amazing, tied to all other places I visited. I did take a little side trip to Slovenia and Croatia.  The countries are still pretty creepy and ancient. I loved them both.

One thing I was not ready for was the major creep factor of Central Europe. I mean, dead body parts on display everywhere. Then there were the dragons; every place had a dragon story. How can you resist Dragons and dead body parts? I love a good creep-fest and was not disappointed.


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