Munich – Modern times

Munich was bombed to hell and the Allies, led by the American Army, freed Munich from the grip of the Nazi party after WWII.  Munich quietly rebuilt and the German people enjoyed their beer gardens again.  When I post about each of the cool places to see in Munich, you will get more information on their history. Some are whacky, some horrible and some plain weird.

All was quiet until the 1972 Olympics, when a Palestinian terrorist assassinated a group of Israeli athletes. Munich returned to the spotlight for yet another tragedy.

Today Munich is a vibrant city that is wonderful to visit.  I have been there a few times, and I love it there.  Starting in Munich on this trip was interesting as we learned the history and how it reached into Prague, Krakow and Budapest.  As I go into the historical spots and their history, it will all come together.  I adore Munich and will return; it is the land of my ancestors.  I have never been to another place in the world where I walk down the street and just have a sense of “I belong here” as I do with Germany.

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