Munich – The last of the Wittelsbach Dynasty

The Wittelsbach family took over the area as rulers once Munich was officially a town and successful.  Opportunistic assholes.  They were fairly boring, so I will skip them until we get to the last rulers of Bavaria.  We all know about The Mad King Ludwig II, the fairytale king that build Neuschwanstein Castle.  Disney made him famous.  His family tree was boring before his grandparents.  We will start with is Grandpa Luds I and the relatives from The Mad King’s viewpoint. 

Grandpa King Ludwig I, aka King Louis I, married Grandma Theresa.  They had two sons; daddy Maximillian II (father of the mad king) and Uncle Otto, King of Greece.

Daddy Maximillian II had two sons, Ludwig II (the mad king) and little brother Otto (the nutty brother of the mad king).

Uncle Otto of Greece had a bunch of spawn, but the only important one was Louis II aka Ludwig III.

Confused yet?  These people needed to get a little more creative with names. Can you imagine what it was like at family gathering, and someone yelled “Ludwig can you come here please? Half the men at the party would show up.  Sheesh, it took me days to figure out who was who.

The next few posts, I will tell you a bit more about each of these people.  They were an interesting group.

The cool dragon sculpture on the Neues Rathaus in Marienplatz. He was so cool.
Beautiful Munich, this is a view from Peterskirche tower. I hauled my chubby butt all the way up there, nearly died from the trip but it was worth it.

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