Day One – The Bent Pyramid

This pyramid is my favorite, and I was so excited to finally be there. I read up on this one before my trip. Walking up to the entrance was yet another surreal experience for me on this trip. I had the feeling of “how did I get here mixed with OMG, I am here”! That feeling happened a lot in Egypt.

Bent Pyramid – 4/2021

The Bent Pyramid has an interesting story; it was the first attempt at a smooth-sided pyramid, and it failed. It was an Egyptian oopsie. The pyramid threatened to collapse as the angle was too steep, so they changed it mid-build, creating a bent shape. Pharoah Sneferu started this one about 2600 BC, his second pyramid. The keyword here is an attempt. Another fun fact about this one is much of the polished exterior stone was left intact and not stripped for building in Cairo.

The entrance tunnel was also a meter tall and almost twice as long as the Red Pyramid. This one had a backward crawl of 120 meters, and THAT was not the worst part of the descent; oh no, it gets worse. The last part of the tunnel was even smaller; I ended up crawling backwards to get down there. On the positive side, this one was cool inside and had no smell to it. I wanted an adventure, and this pyramid gave it to me.

1 Meter tall and LONG. Look at the amazing condition of the tunnel, 4,600 years old. Well, the railings are new

Hassan went down first, and I followed. We descended down to an open area we could stand up and stretch our backs. At the other end of the room was an enormous staircase. After that brutal descent, we had to climb up a huge staircase. At the top of the stairs was a passage to get to the burial chamber.

As if the climb down was not bad enough, there was THIS! – 4/2021

I was so excited to get there, I anticipated a massive room with carvings on the walls and a huge stone sarcophagus… and that was not what I saw. There was nothing but a deep hole with wood poles down there. So I was like, “what the hell is this?” there was no dead guy. I saw more dead guys in central Europe than in this country.

Bent Pyramid 4/2021
Hassan Elian – 4/2021

Tiny tunnel 4/2021

Then there were the bats, up high, down low; they were everywhere. My lovely guide thought it would be fun to make them fly. He found himself funny. Flying guano machines is not my thing. He failed, and I was happy about that. This one was super creepy because of the bats and that we really were deep inside this oopsie pyramid. A dead guy would have made it epically creepy.

See, no dead guy in that pit. Just a lot of creepy flying rats 4/2021

Going 120 meters down was easy; going up not so much. I ended up crawling the last 1/3 of the tunnel. It was exhausting, and my legs were shaking when I got to the top. This one was a challenge, and I did it like a boss, except for the crawling part.

Almost to the top, this was the “big” part of the tunnel

After we exited the pyramid, Hassan wanted to rest. But, I had the need to keep moving; I was on pure adrenaline at that point after my amazing day so far. So, I told Hassan I was going to go over to the other side of the pyramid for photos; the light was better. I expected him to sit and rest. So, I took off; Hassan wearily chased after me to ensure I did not do anything stupid like step on a snake or something.

That odd rock formation in the distance is actually a pyramid, The Black Pyramid 4/2021

There I was, wandering alone in the Sahara Desert, looking at a large crooked pyramid with the best guide in all of Egypt running after me to keep me safe. Unfortunately, poor Hassan figured out pretty quickly that he may have his hands full with me, and he has not even met Laura yet.

Hassan Elian – 4/2021

After all that hard work and water, I needed to use the ladies’ room. TMI, I know but hear me out. I heard there is no toilet paper in Egypt.
I mentioned this to my guide, and once he stopped laughing at me, he told me they did have toilet paper. After all, they built the pyramids, toilet paper is easy. So, I left my roll in the car, and guess what? No toilet paper. I got the last laugh on that one.

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