Munich – Otto of Greece

Uncle Otto was the much hotter younger brother of Max I. He seemed a bit more stable and based in reality compared to poor Max. No fairytales or fantasies for Otto, well no fantasies he was willing to admit to. Having a bit of an odd family, Otto wanted out of Bavaria and daddy Max made it happen. His only request was no snow and beaches. Daddy chose wisely; Otto was his favorite.

Uncle Otto was proclaimed the King of Greece and given the nickname Otto of Greece. Quite clever if you ask me.  He loved it there because the food was delicious and the ladies smoking hot.  He loved the Greeks and they loved him, but they did not like his wife much as she refused to convert to their religion and was a bit of a bitch about it.  Otto was more easy-going.  He was eventually exiled from the country as he could not fix their financial issues and his wife just pissed the Greeks off to much to let them stay. They still have not fixed their financial issues, but it is an amazing place to visit, so go. 

The real reason he was exiled was he made a decree that all the French fries must be removed off of the Souvlaki as it is just weird, tasty but weird.  The lack of fries set off the people as this is their version of a cheeseburger. So they tossed his ass out of the country.  Otto was so broken-hearted he left the country wearing his military uniform and never took it off; I mean he NEVER took it off. The thing was never washed or mended when it was torn. They buried him in that ratty old thing.  He did have a gaggle of sons, but his favorite was Louis II, whom managed to weasel his way into being the final King of Bavaria.

Ludwig II’s Uncle Otto of Greece
See fries? Weird but so freaking delicious. I ate this everyday when I was in Greece. Best food I ever had was in Greece.

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