This place weirds me out.  I was in Munich for my 50th birthday extravaganza, and this place looked familiar to me.  Turns out it is modeled after the Loggia dei Lanzi in Florence.  I sat on those Italian steps twice and watched the gypsies harass innocent tourists.

While visiting this place in Munich, there was some sort of pro-Israel rally going on.  I saw a lot of riot police standing around just in case.  Being a big chicken that did not understand the language or what was going on, I left the area.  But, oh, the irony, the Israeli flag flying in that square.

This structure memorializes the Bavarian army.  Johann Tilly has a statue; his claim to fame kicked the Swedes out of Munich during the thirty-year war.  That was actually pretty easy as the King gave them all that free beer.  King Ludwig I is responsible for this place.  He did build some cool shit.

There are two lions on the steps. One is growling at the Residenz, and the other has his mouth shut towards the church. It is symbolic of the German people giving the rulers the finger but being respectful to the church. Very wise.

And then there are the Nazis.  November 9th, 1923, Hilter supporters organized an illegal march towards the Feldherrhalle to start a “people’s revolution.”  The state police told them to stop; they didn’t, so they were fired upon.  Sixteen were killed, along with four police; many were wounded. Hitler was arrested and sent to prison for a short time. And that is where he found the time to write his book “Mein Kampf.”   Once the little prick was in power, he added a bronze tablet that contained a swastika and the words Und ihr habt doch geseigt.  This was where the SS troops gave their loyalty oath to the Nazi party.  That ought to creep you out just a little bit.

He posted the SS at the memorial, and you were forced to give the Nazi salute to pass.  To avoid this, many locals used the alleyway behind the Feldherrnhalle.  It was named the shirker’s alley.  Gold paving stones have been placed there as a reminder of those that had their little resistance.

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