Munich – King Louis II, the last Bavarian King

Louis II comes in to play after his cousin Otto was certified bat shit crazy.  He slipped into the role of King and changed his name to Ludwig III as the Bavarian people loved Ludwig II, and he hoped to capitalize on his cousin’s popularity.  Prick.  I will give more detailed descriptions on the lives of the boys when I talk about Neuschwanstein.  They were interesting. 

In 1918 Ludwig III lost the throne in the German Revolution. Uncle Otto of Greece did not pick the most qualified of his sons to run Bavaria. Finally, the people had enough of their shenanigans. The Wittelsbach dynasty ended with the exile of Ludwig III.   Don’t feel too bad for Ludwig III; he landed a cushy job at the local mall during Christmas time.

Munich had a hard time getting it together after WWII, and the Nazi party took advantage of the lack of leadership.  Finally, Hitler showed up and became the leader of the Nazi party.  Then he took over Germany and opened the Dachau concentration camp.  The remaining Wittelsbach family was arrested and put in the camp.  The camp started out for political prisoners then went downhill fast during WWII. I did visit Dachau and it was a very emotionally intense experience for me. I will talk about this in a later post. It was horrible.

Ludwig III

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