If you are into Gothic crap, this is the place for you. Some of the Gothic style did manage to survive.  It really is a good-looking church. The story is the Holy Ghost Hospice originally owned the church.  Luck had it when the douche-canoe King tore down all the hospice buildings; this one was spared.  That explains why it is next to the viktualienmarkt.  It was added to over the years and changed to the neo-baroque outside.  The super cool part of this place is the lantern dome. 

The Asam brothers have their little hands in this church. These boys were the go-to guys back in the day when you wanted a good design. Although, of course, today you are famous for catching a ball, back then…. imagination and skill in painting and building. I am sure the Wittelbach’s made them pretty wealthy boys.  Wonder if they attracted the ladies by the dozen?

 The church has fantastic ceiling frescoes painted by the Asam brothers.  The ceiling subject is the foundation of a hospice that used to be next door.  At least there are some paintings of the places that the king tore down.

The interior is Rococo with stucco.  During WWII, the church and the interior furnishings were pretty much destroyed. It was rebuilt and renovated again in 1991.   Some of the original pieces did survive.

There are no real creepy facts about this church that I could find, other than the fact it was an homage to the destroyed hospice, and all the meth heads moved off to the riverbed to live in tents.

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