Schloss Nymphenburg

This place was yet another hommage to the birth of a long-desired heir of Ferdinand Maria and Henriette Adelaide of Savoy for little Max Emanuel. Finally, after ten years of trying for the brat, they built a church and started this castle, so he had a place to spend his summer vacations at.  Yeah, he was that spoiled.

Little Max Emanuel continued to build the place as he grew up and became a ruler; of course, he did.

The Bavarian kings spent their summers here; in fact, one of the Wittelsbach family members still has an apartment.  It appears it is hard to evict anyone in Germany these days.

A few fun facts about the place is the gallery of lovelies put together by King Ludwig I, the grandpa of The mad king Ludwig II.  Luds II is the famous one of the Luds line.   So, who cares about these paintings?  They were paintings of 36 ladies from all the social classes, rich or poor; he liked beautiful women.….  Another cool thing about Luds I was he brought the beauty of Roman and Greek art to Munich.  He was totally into artwork and made several little museums for the people.  Luds I also created the city’s beer gardens and Oktoberfest.   Thanks, dude

The other cool thing in the palace is King Ludwig II was born there; you get to see the place of the famous mad king’s beginning.  I love him. Being born there really explains a lot about Luds II.

The palace has museums today, natural history, carriages, saddles to porcelain, and local, regional artists of the day. So go check it out but plan on an entire day.  The place is a mini version of Versailles.

The grounds cover 500 acres that include a lake for gondola rides and incredible gardens.  The average visit to the garden is about two hours unless you lay down in the grass and take a nap, then it is three.

The very best part of the Schloss Nymphenburg Palace is the free wi-fi.

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