Neuschwanstein Castle – Death of a King

Luds was dethroned, and his mysterious death was just a few days later and still being shown on the tv show “Unsolved Mysteries.”  He was found floating in a lake with his psychiatrist Dr. Gudden, who appeared to struggle during his death.  Ludwig was believed to have killed Dr. G then drowned himself accidently or committed suicide after. But it gets weird; Ludwig was not a violent man; he liked opera.  He was a creampuff of a guy that would rescue a baby dove if it was in trouble.  He was a great swimmer; he won the Olympic Freestyle the year before. Hmmm.  The other theory is the king was murdered trying to escape because he knew they were going to declare him nuts, put him into a straitjacket then hide him away.  Tis a mystery. Personally, I think he was murdered and Dr. Bernhard Von Gudden, who had political aspirations, was given the old cement shoe treatment as he knew way too much and would not shut up.  But, like Epstein, Ludwig did not kill himself.

Now we get to the conspiracy theories:  Siegfried Wichmann (art historian) found a painting of Ludwig right after his death, and it showed blood on the mouth; drowned people do not bleed. We all know paintings do not lie, just like the internet.  Siegfried was an attention whore.

The other conspiracy is Countess Josephine von Wrba-Kaunitz was at a tea party when she whips out a grey jacket with a bullet hole claiming it was Luds jacket.  She was a caretaker of some of the Wittelsbach family’s possessions, so she has access to the evidence. She was always the life of the party. She drank a lot and could not be trusted.

The Wittelsbach family was very secretive about the death of Luds and refused to talk about it. Like that is not suspicious.  An eye witness account said Countess Jo did indeed pull out a jacket with two bullet holes in it, but everything was lost in a fire at her home, including her and her husband’s life.  I think the Wittelsbach clan did not appreciate her party trick and put an end to those shenanigans.

No one knows how he died unless they dig him up.  His family says no; they are probably hiding the fact that the butler did it or his crazy brother Otto.

Luds is in the crypt at Michaelskirche in Munich. So, there you have it, the Reader’s Digest story on Ludwig II, The Mad King.

König Ludwig II. auf seinem Totenbett. Der legendäre bayerische “Märchenkönig” wurde vor 150 Jahren, am 25. August 1845, geboren. Sein mysteriöser Tod am 13. Juni 1886 war der Beginn einer beispiellosen Legendenbildung um den König. (zu dpa -korr. “‘Märchenkönig’ Ludwig II. – Liebling der Bayern als Sonderling”)

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